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Pattaya Police arrest two Ladyboy Cabaret Performers on ...

Following two cases of theft on Walking Street, South Pattaya on Thursday Night, involving an Indian and Russian, Pattaya Police in conjunction with the Tourist Police, arrested two suspects on Sunday afternoon. A press ... Weitere Informationen

Peace Corps Writers - Review: Ladyboy and the Volunteer ...

Ladyboy and the Volunteer by Susanne Aspley (Thailand 1989-91) Peace Corps Writers $13.99 (paperback), $2.99 (Kindle) 271 pages. November 2014. Reviewed by Tony D'Souza (Ivory Coast 2000–02, Madagascar ... Weitere Informationen

Drug kingpin suspect flees police after ladyboy ...

PHUKET: Police are on the lookout for a suspected Phuket Town drug kingpin who escaped an attempted sting, while another ladyboy drug dealer is in custody after being caught nearly 60 grams of crystal meth. The ladyboy ... Weitere Informationen

Ladyboy Show Performer killed in South Pattaya Road crash

A Ladyboy Show performer, who was driving home with his friend after finishing work at a well-known Ladyboy Show Theatre, was killed as his bike was rear-ended by a high powered bike being driven at-speed. The driver of ... Weitere Informationen


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